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Indoor Festoon
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Outdoor Festoon

Indoor festoon is the choice of many for decorating a venue for your special occasion, whether you have a blank canvas or you are simply looking to add those finishing touches, festoon really can be the magical addition that makes your special occasion......stunning!

Our festooners' have a wealth of experience and are always available to offer their guidance in helping you make your visions, reality.

Outdoor festoon really can bring the magic to your outdoor spaces, whilst also providing temporary lighting during your special occasion.

Outdoor festoon can be installed on existing fixtures, such as trees or fences, alternatively the festooners' offer a variety of aesthetically pleasing temporary solutions to allow installation almost anywhere you can imagine!

Fairy lights are an amazingly versatile form of decorative lighting, which can be used to create a wealth of visually stunning centrepieces or equally to provide a subtle yet effective addition to your venues existing lighting.

They can be installed both in and out of doors, and often can be operated from a single domestic plug.

Temporary Power
Bespoke Furniture

Uplighting, whether indoors or outdoors, is a truly magical effect, the possibilities are nearly endless and the results are always stunning.

The festooners are truly experts in this art, and whether your aspirations are the subtle lighting of a single tree or the transformation of an entire venue, we have the knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment to turn your dreams into reality.

Many venues, such as barns, country houses and outdoor spaces, which are available for private event hire, often do not have sufficient electrical supplies to accommodate all of your power requirements, for example mobile bars & catering facilities.

Our festooners offer temporary power installation as a standard service, to ensure you have plugs where you need them!

The festooners talents stretch a little further than our creative lighting, and we are proud to offer our bespoke furniture service.

If your special event requires a unique centre piece, a qwerky bar or simply some props to complete your vision, then please get in touch.


All of our furniture is hand-made and can be designed to your specific requirements or hired from our stock of existing furniture. 

Mob : 07495 939796 // Email : Simon@thefestooners.co.uk